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About Me

We are a community who cares to support our families and homes with natural options including the ancient knowledge of essential oils.

The reason we choose Young Living as our preferred brand is because they are much more than just a producer of the world's highest quality oils and natural wellness products. It’s a community of people pursuing good health, better living, and greater abundance guided by a respect for nature and the endless gifts it provides.

It's also an opportunity to improve the lives of others, with a simple business model that can help you turn honest work into honest income.

Young Living is the world leader of essential oils and wellness products, with more than 20 years in the industry.

Young Living owns farms around the world, and works with partner farms, under the Seed To Seal protocol. We manage every step from choosing non GMO seeds, cultivation, harvest, distillation, testing and bottling. Every bottle of oil you receive comes with Young Living’s guarantee of purity and unadulterated quality, with attention to the time the plants are chosen for seed, to the time each bottle is packaged and shipped to your home.

The Seed to Seal™ process that yields unmatched quality, purity, and integrity.

Young Living gives back!

Young Living Essential Oils has always sought to be involved in philanthropic community efforts and help those in need. From the company’s participation in local blood drives and food bank campaigns, to establishing the D. Gary Young Foundation: Young Living Outreach, some of the many causes Young Living supports include:

  • Columbian Presbyterian Hospital
  • Boys and Girls Club
  • Mothers without Borders
  • Red Cross
  • Helping Hands for Haiti
  • Community Action Food Bank
  • And many more

Be a part of
something good!

Join families in over 30 countries. Experience the life-transforming benefits of a Young Living membership!